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Solna Sensationally Sew up the Stockholm Season

On Saturday the Grand Final of an eventful season of AFL in Stockholm drew the year to a close, the game being held between a Södermalm outfit whom had booked their third consecutive appearance, and those mighty Axemen, booking a date at the big dance for the second time this year after winning the Nationals [...]


Axemen in the News

The quality of the Axemen has not gone unnoticed by Sweden’s press elite. An enterprising young reporter named Frida Eriksson came along to a sunny March training session and interviewed Axemen champs Fredrik Rydbert, Oscar Magnusson and head coach Phil Porublev. See below for the report, full credit to Frida Eriksson. Australian Football Report by [...]


Champion Axemen tour Budapest

Another year, another premiership and another country conquered by the infamous Axemen end-of-season footy trip. Budapest, you were a fine lady… 17 men gathered inside a small city bar in Stockholm last Friday, October 4th 2013, ready to reap the spoils of a victorious footballing season. Whilst the destination was uncertain, an amazing weekend was [...]

Axemen take the flag, make the news

News of Stockholm’s favourite team, the mighty Solna Axemen, has spread far and wide. Here’s a recent write up in the Swedish version of The Local online: The club now moves into off-season mode; with a post-season tour next weekend (destination unknown, though the early money is on Tbilisi) and the SAFF Awards night.   [...]


“It’s the constitution. It’s Mabo. It’s just …. the vibe”

It wouldn’t be a complete SAFF season without some administrative fireworks at some point in the year, and sure enough last week Solna were advised of a points deduction equivalent to 4 points (1 game) due to registration issues (being tardy with paperwork). So despite Solna having a barnstorming year and finishing the season as [...]

Swedish Nationals


Despite arriving late due to a coach with alarm clock issues, the Axemen pulled into Jönköping on Saturday with ambitions to bring the Swedish National title back to Solna. The tournament was conducted in beautiful swedish summer sunshine (in comparison to the brutal conditions experienced the year before in the aptly named “the sun never [...]

Earnings per sport code in Australia 2011-2012

Rampaging popularity of AFL in Australia

  Published in Australian media this week is an interesting analysis of sports related revenues from 2011-2012, together with a comparison of equivalent revenues from 1995-1996. The popularity of AFL in Australia has exploded in the period and helps to support the efforts of promoting the game outside the county. Original article here.

North London Lions match abandoned

No matter how good the pre spring weather in March can get, you can never trust the forecast for Stockholm in April. On thursday we were looking at sunny, 5degrees and were optimistic for a great hitout – only to have the methaphoric pants pulled down by an overnight snowstorm. The Dynamite missed a great [...]

Impressive turnout for Dynamite training

The Stockholm Dynamite have re-emerged out of a lengthy hibernation and commenced training towards the North London Lions match this Saturday and the Swedish Regional competition during 2012.  An impressive 32 players from all SAFF clubs attended the training at Rålis last Wednesday, a clear indication of the renewed enthusiasm toward the SAFF league’s representative [...]

The North London Lions are coming

One of AFL London’s premier clubs, the North London Lions AFC, are set to play the Stockholm Dynamite (with players from all 5 Stockholm league clubs) in an 18-a-side pre-season tilt at Årsta.



Wednesday night training is back after a long cold winter. Training either Långholmen, Gärdet or Stockholm University, join the Axemen facebook group for details, or email Axemen 2012!